Watering System



This is an automated watering system for plants. I built this system so that I don't have to worry about my plants dying while I'm on vacation. I also tend to forget giving my plants water so I had two options:
A:replace all my plants with cacti
B: build a system that takes care of my plants.
I chose the latter because it sounded more fun.

The system will use soil humidity sensors to detect the humidity. When the humidity is low the system will activate water pumps to add more water.


The first part of the project was to determine the specification of the system. I ended up with the following list:
*:Arduino based, will control the humidity of 4 plants.
*:The water pumps will be placed in a water tank. A load cell will read the water level. (This will prevent the system from starting the water pumps when there is no water in the water tank.)
*:A monitor will show important information to the user.
*:The system will be powered from a rechargeable battery. The battery will be connected to a solar panel.

I estimated the number of I/O-pins needed for this project, and an Arduino Uno was sufficient.


After I had my specification I started creating the schematics in Eagle.


Once I finished the schematics, I started building the watering system.

The power supply and controller is shown in this picture. The Arduino has a relay extension board for driving the water pumps.

Here I've added the INA125 instrument amplifier for reading the load cell. I've also added the fc-28 humidity sensors.

Here is the controller fully assembled.

Exterior of the controller. I switched from a 5110 display to a 16x2 LCD display, hence the not-so-good-looking holes surrounding the display.

The watering system in action, fully assembled and with solar panel connected.

Check out the github page


last edited: 2015.03.18

Components used

Arduino UNO

4 channel Relay Extension board

16x2 LCD display

5kg load cell

INA125 instrument amplifier

4x 12V submersible water pump.

4x fc-28 soil humidity sensors

7806 linear regulator

12 volt battery Yuasa NP1.2-12

Solar charge controller CMP12

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