Raspberry Pi Robot


This is my first robot using the raspberry pi instead of Arduino. The robot will be based on the RP5 tracked chassis, and instead of an ultrasonic sensor, this robot will use a camera and image processing.


This robot will be using the raspberry pi and a raspberry pi camera module. OpenCV will be used for image processing. The software will be written in Python. I got the RP5 chassis from the pololu website

3D model

In order to plan this robot thoroughly I constructed a 3D model in Sketchup. Using this software I was able to plan where to place the robot's components on the chassis.


After completing the 3D model I continued with the hardware. I purchased the needed components and started assembling the robot.

Check out the raspberry pi robot at Github

Check out the robot at Hackaday projects


last edited: 2017.01.22

Components used

1 x RP5 tracked chassis

1 x Raspberry pi 3 model B

1 x Raspberry Pi Camera Module

1 x Camera Platform

2 x SG90 Micro Servo

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