AVR target board



My line following robot was my first project in wich I used a C programmed AVR microcontroller. After this project I felt the need for a target board for smaller AVR microcontrollers, such as the ATtiny45/85. So in this project I will create a pcb for programming 8 pin AVR microcontrollers with in-system programming (ISP).


The schematics for this board is somewhat simple, an ISP connector that is connected to the programming pins on the microcontroller, and header connectors connected to all ports. The target board is powered from a DC jack, but I'm also adding support for powering the target board through the programmer.


I created the layout for the PCB in Diptrace, and the result can be seen in the following 3D model.

I want this target board to be small and handy, so I chose SMD components for the most part. After I was finished with the design, I ordered the PCBs from PCBway.

The PCBs arrived after 2 weeks, and I was very satisfied with the result. All the pads and traces looked okay, and no components were misplaced. Next step was to assemble a target board and test if it works as intended.

I hooked the target board up to my USBasp in order to check if the programmer can read from/write to the flash memory on the ATtiny45.

Looks like there is no communication problem between the programmer and the target board.


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